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Nice public toilets in Villingen-Schwenningen

Families with children aren't the only ones familiar with the problem: You're walking around in the city and suddenly the moment comes when the shops and places of interest fade into the background and only one thing is of interest – the next restroom.

In cooperation with several restaurateurs, City Marketing Villingen-Schwenningen has now done something to help:

In addition to the public restrooms, there are seven restaurateurs in the city centres of Villingen-Schwenningen who make their restroom facilities available to all visitors, natives and guests – even if you aren't purchasing anything to eat or drink.
The participating restaurants include:

- Fürstenberg's Irish Pub, Romäusring 21, VS-Villingen
- Café Dammert, Rietstraße 30, VS-Villingen 
- Eiscafé Zampolli, Rietraße 33, VS-Villingen
- Bildergasse, Niedere Straße 63, VS-Villingen
- Gasthaus Rebstock, Niedere Straße 61, VS-Villingen
- Fürstenberg's Irish Pub, Kronenstraße 24, VS-Schwenningen
- VAU Bistro-Restaurant, Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 18, VS-Schwenningen


These restaurants can be clearly recognized by the "Nice public toilet" logo (see above) at the entrance door.

Contact person:

City of Villingen-Schwenningen
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