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The German Clock Road

The German Clock Road (Deutsche Uhrenstraße) 

Stories of Time from the Black Forest over a distance of almost 320 km, the German Clock Road takes you through beautiful landscapes of the Black Forest and the Baar. Along the route, museums, clock factories, exhibitions, churches and old craftsmen's shops offer magnificent views at elevations of 250 m to 1100 m. Whether you are travelling as a clock expert or mountain biker, on this route everyone has the opportunity to learn about the history of clocks, from the beginnings of the cottage industry in the Black Forest to what was once the world's largest clock factory in Schramberg. This holiday route, one of the most beautiful in Germany, was founded by an active council of cities and towns, museums and companies along the route. It links six rural districts and was the first holiday route to be set up as a circular route.

The adventure tour can begin in Villingen-Schwenningen and take you from Rottweil to Schramberg and via Furtwangen to Waldkirch, St. Peter, on Lake Titisee and back again via Lenzkirch. You will pass many towns and localities which are significant for clock manufacturing in the Black Forest. There are testimonials of the clock-making industry everywhere, with opportunities for a tour presenting themselves again and again, and in some locations cuckoo clocks and wristwatches are still being made.

On 15 April 1992, the German Clock Road was opened. On 13/05/2017, its 25th anniversary was celebrated in VS-Schwenningen.

An article about the German Clock Road published in the Schwarzwald Gästejournal can be found here.

You can find the brochure for download here!