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Customs in Villingen-Schwenningen

Corpus Christi Procession 

Thursday, 31 May 2018     
Starting at 4 o'clock in the morning, the helpers begin to prepare the flower carpets. The 800-metre-long flower carpet begins in Rietstrasse and extends all the way to Obere Strasse.

Kuhreihen (cow-calling song)

On 24 December of each year at 11 pm

The traditional 'Kuhreihen' (cow-calling song) thrills around 1000 spectators each year on Christmas Eve in Villingen-Schwenningen.  One hour before midnight, a man dressed as a cowherd walks through the city centre of Villingen, blowing Christmas songs on a cowherd's horn. The custom originated in 1765, when an epidemic affecting cattle raged in Villingen. At that time the Villingen townspeople vowed to blow the cow calls every Christmas eve as long as their cattle were spared from the disease. 'Kuhreihen' was originally a signal call with which the cowherds of Villingen drove their cattle out from inside the city walls of Villingen or was used as a signal horn for communicating with the cowherd boys.

New Year's Cannon Firing

On 1 January of each year at 8 am

Every 1 January, members of the Historical Grenadier Corps 1810 go to the anterior Hubenloch in their green/white uniform to fire 12 cannon shots punctually at 8 am. The shots are fired once a minute and each stand for a month of the year. Before each shot is fired, for whom it is being fired is read out, which includes various patron saints, the Mayor, the citizens and honorary citizens of the city of the Zähringer dynasty and also the state of Baden. The custom dates back to 1633 and was revived in 1967. The New Year's Cannonball Firing is intended to commemorate a survived winter siege of Villingen by Sweden and Württemberg during the Thirty Years' War.